• Agromin Sponsors SEE Landscape Water Conservation Home Show Displays
    Thursday, August 14, 2008 at
  • Agromin, a Camarillo-based manufacturer of premium soil products and one of the state's largest green materials recycling companies, has joined in sponsoring Sustainable Environmental Education (SEE), a nonprofit organization that is spreading the word about water conservation through water saving landscape designs.

    SEE has created a 20' x 20' home landscape display that features the latest in sprinkler systems, California native landscaping and moisture retaining compost and other soil products.

    The SEE display will be at:

    Home Show at the Pasadena Convention Center, August 22 -24,
    Los Angeles County Fair, September 5 - 28,
    Los Angeles Convention Center Home Show, October 10 - 12.
    Orange County Fairgrounds Home Show, October 24 - 26.

    One of the founders of SEE is Nick Federoff, host of "Nick Federoff on Gardening," heard on KRLA-AM and the "Things Green Garden Minute." "It's not about not using water. It's about strategically placing it, then keeping it there for as long as possible," says Federoff. "I've personally used Agromin products here at the ThingsGreen.com botanical gardens for several years. Not only are there water savings, but Agromin doesn't hurt the pocketbook."

    Agromin recycles more than 250,000 tons of green waste each year from homes and businesses in Southern California. Agromin then uses an organic and scientific-based system to formulate its soil products from the recycled and composted green materials. Its products are sold to professional landscapers and consumers. Agromin's PowerMix Decorative Barks and Mulches is specifically designed to conserve moisture, reduce soil erosion and prevent weed growth

    "Mulch is made from wood and bark so it naturally holds in moisture," says Bill Camarillo, CFO of Agromin. "Water usage can be cut by 30 percent during the hot summer months when mulch is placed around trees, shrubs and flowers. It's a simple and inexpensive way to keep your yard looking beautiful while saving hundreds of gallons of water each week."

    Agromin compost is approved by the non-profit Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) so it is used in certified organic production or food processing in accordance to the USDA National Organic Program standards. Agromin soil products are also certified by the U.S. Composting Council (USCC). The certification means Agromin has met the USCC standards for compost content and its soil products are clean and safe. Agromin.

    For more information about Agromin, go to http://www.agromin.com/.

    For information about SEE, go to http://www.seeonline.org/.

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