• Plant a Garden, Feed the Hungry
    Friday, September 18, 2009 at

  • Over 41,000 people in Ventura County do not get enough to eat each month. Garden Share is a new Food Share community-based effort that encourages neighborhoods to grow produce to help feed the hungry of Ventura County. As the official sponsor of Garden Share, Agromin is providing a 25% discount on select soils purchased by Garden Share volunteers to grow qualifying Produce donated to Food Share.

    To participate in the Garden Share program and receive the soil discount, volunteers can simply register at http://www.foodshare.com/how-to-help/GardenShareRegistration.Once registered, volunteers will receive a 25% discount coupon (via email or postal mail) on select Agromin soil products in both bulk and bag, redeemable at any Agromin dealer location in Ventura County.

    When volunteers grow and donate qualifying produce (potatoes, tomatoes, celery, onions, broccoli or citrus) and donate it to any of Food Share's over 60 Food Depot sites in Ventura County (listed at http://www.foodshare.com/get-help/useful-resources.php), Agromin will send another 25% discount coupon to replenish their garden with soil to grow more produce. Food Share will keep a tally of each volunteer's annual produce donations (pounds) that will qualify them to receive additional gifts and discounts equal to the retail value of their total donations.

    In addition, Agromin and Food Share will select annual winners of Pounds for Produce prizes in seven categories. Category winners will receive free Agromin soil on a pound for pound basis equal to the total weight donated. Categories include winners of:

    --Most total pounds donated of all qualifying produce
    --Most pounds donated of each qualifying produce (Six Category winners - Potatoes, Tomatoes, Celery, Onions, Broccoli and Citrus)

    To participate, here's what you need to do:

    1. Register at the Garden Share sign-up page: http://www.foodshare.com/how-to-help/GardenShareRegistration.

    2. Use your current vegetable garden planting soil or take advantage of a 25% Garden Share/Agromin soil mix discount by going to retailers selling Agromin products.

    3. Plant one or more the of six types of qualifying produce: potatoes, tomatoes, celery, onion, broccoli and citrus.

    4. Harvest your vegetables and drop them off at any Food Share location http://www.foodshare.com/get-help/useful-resources.php where it will be weighed and tallied to your Garden Share account.

    5. Receive additional Agromin soil discounts--keep gardening!

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