• Agromin Helping Beat Childhood Obesity With Teaching Gardens
    Friday, April 30, 2010 at

  • On Monday, March 22, Agromin's Premium Soil was used in helping launch a 1,000 school initiative against Childhood Obesity. Thus far, our 50/50 soil blend has been used in two SOCAL school's vegetable gardens (Kelso Elementary, Will Rogers Learning Community School).

    On hand at Kelso Elementary were were Gabrielle Reece, Derek Fisher, Cat Cora and Tobey MaGuire.

    The Teaching Garden is a place where teachers and principals with community partners from the entertainment, sports and food industries, the Farmer-Veteran Coalition and GrowingGreat come together to create a real-life garden laboratory. In this garden, students through the simple process of putting a seed into the earth, nurturing it and ultimately harvesting the food, learn about effort and results, delayed gratification, and cause and effect. The ultimate goal: hands-on exploration of life sciences that leads to one’s positive choices for health and fitness.

    Read More: http://www.takepart.com/teachinggarden

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  • Garden Park Elementary Students Receive Soil and Seedlings to Start Their Own Herb Garden

  • Students at Garden Park Elementary School in Garden Grove will soon be tasting an assortment of herbs including basil, mint, oregano and parsley--all grown in their own backyards. Agromin, a maker of premium soil products, gave each student a bag of organic planting mix and a packet of herb seedlings as part of the school's Earth Day celebration.

    Gary Gerstner, principal, was excited with the donation of 270 bags of soil and seeds. "This will be such a great way for our students to tend their own gardens and directly see the results of their efforts," says Gerstner.

    Students were shown how the soil bag could also serve as a planter by poking small drainage holes in the bottom while the top is open and used to plant seeds.

    Earlier this year, Agromin donated three tons of compost for the school's garden where radishes, mustard, green beans and flowers are now growing. Some of the vegetables will be served in the school's salad bar.

    Agromin produces more than 200 soil products from green materials collected from numerous communities in Orange County. The soil products are then used by farmers, landscapers and consumers.

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  • Lee Elementary School Gets One Ton of Gardening Mix From Agromin
    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at

  • Students at Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos received a one-ton donation of vegetable gardening mix from Agromin, a premium soil manufacturer and green materials recycler. The school put the soil to good use by creating its own school garden.

    Renee Keeler, Lee Elementary second grade teacher and avid gardener, spearheads the garden project. Keeler says that Agromin's all natural soil is the much-needed foundation for a healthy garden area. Already, students have planted a butterfly garden, and fruits and vegetables that they will ultimately eat. Vegetables include sweet peas, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccoli and strawberries. Students are responsible for all watering and weeding.

    A bed of sunflowers was planted and students will track their growth as part of their science program. "The students enjoy the hands-on learning experience and take great pride in what they are growing," says Keeling. "Students like working in the garden because they say the area smells good and they grow food that is good for them."

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  • Above Average April Rainfall Means Super Garden Growth in May
  • Above average rainfall in April means Southern California plants and trees have absorbed plenty of nutrients in their roots to jump start garden growth in May.

    Plant Flowers: Now is the time to plant warm-season annuals including begonias, chrysanthemums, geraniums, marigolds, petunias and verbena. Their beautiful flowers will bloom well into summer. For more permanent additions to your garden, plant perennials such as daisies, iris, goldenrod, fuchsia, delphiniums and lavender.

    Plant Vegetable Seeds: Plant seeds from corn, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, radishes, sunflowers, melons, squash, cucumbers and okra. Since the weather is warming, you can plant the seeds directly in the ground without using starter plants indoors.

    Plant Herbs: One of the greatest "returns on investment" in the garden is herbs. Herbs are expensive at the store and sometimes go bad before they can be eaten. Planting herbs such as basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage tarragon and thyme will assure a bountiful supply of just-picked herbs for cooking. Plus, the cost of planting and caring for herb plants is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing herbs continually at the store.

    Naturally Reduce Weeds: Plenty of chemical weed killers are available to consumers, but if you want to avoid spraying potentially harmful substances around your vegetables and flowers, apply a two-inch layer of mulch (i.e., wood bark) around your garden. The mulch acts as a natural barrier to weed growth and keeps in water and nutrients.

    Thin Fruit Trees: By now, fruit trees are producing blossoms and the first signs of fruit. More fruit is produced than most trees can fully grow to maturity. Weaker blossoms and fruit will fall on their own in May. Thin the remaining smaller fruit from the branches. As a result, stronger fruit will grow larger and smaller fruit won't weigh down tree branches.

    For more gardening tips, go to www.agromin.com.

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  • Agromin To Give Away 20 Tons of Compost at Santa Clarita Earth/Arbor Day: April 17
    Friday, April 9, 2010 at

  • Soil manufacturer and green materials recycler Agromin will be giving away 20 tons of compost to Santa Clarita residents during the Saturday, April 17 Earth/Arbor Day Celebration at Newhall Park (24933 Newhall Avenue, Newhall). Agromin is a sponsor of the festival.

    Volunteers from the Conservation Core will place the mulch into one cubic foot-sized bags and distribute the bags to residents.

    Agromin is the green materials recycler for Canyon Country, Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, Santa Clarita, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. The green materials are collected from residents and businesses and delivered to Agromin's Newhall Ranch processing facility. The material is cleaned, chopped and naturally composted. Agromin's products are free of animal waste and sludge.

    "Here's a chance to help the environment while providing healthy soil for your spring garden," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO. "If the green materials were not recycled into nutritionally-rich soil products, they would end up in landfills emitting greenhouse gases. Introducing this mulch into your garden gives your plants and trees a natural shot in the arm--without chemical fertilizers."

    Camarillo says that spring is a good time for residents to make an extra effort to put all grass clippings, leaves, brush and wood into their green recycling barrel. "Once these materials are cleaned and chopped, in about 45 days, they are transformed into mulch that is used by farmers, landscapers and consumers," explains Camarillo. "It's an easy way for residents to do their part to help close the recycling loop."

    Agromin is one of the state's largest green material recyclers. It receives and processes more than 365,000 tons of wood and green materials each year. Agromin then uses a safe, organic and scientific system to formulate its more than 200 soil products.

    Santa Clarita's Earth/Arbor Day Celebration hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For information on green material recycling, visit www.agromin.com. For more on Earth/Arbor Day go to http://www.greensantaclarita.com/earthday/.

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