• Agromin Earns Sen. Pavley’s Environmental Sustainability Award
    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at
  • Agromin is always trying to get the word out about organics recycling and how we all need to do our part for a more sustainable planet. That's why we were happy to learn that we are State Sen. Fran Pavley's October winner of the 23rd Senate District's Environmental Sustainability Award. People are noticing and listening to our message!

    The award certificate reads, “By saving space in landfills, reducing greenhouse gasses and creating a green waste recycling loop, you have set an example for all to follow." Being good stewards of the land is an ongoing process for all us. Recycling our "greens"--grass clippings, leaves, tree branches--goes a long way to keeping our environment clean. Fill up your green recycling bin every week with organic materials and Agromin will turn them (with the help of billions of microorganisms) into wonderful, natural compost for use on farmland and in backyards throughout California.

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