• Agromin Donates 11 Tons of Soil Material to Help Beautify Downtown Oxnard
    Monday, March 14, 2011 at

  • Agromin contributed the potting soil for 160 sidewalk planters that now beautify 13 blocks of Oxnard's historic downtown. The planters, filled with 11 tons of Agromin's container soil mix and mulch, were planted with almost 1,900 succulent and drought-tolerant perennial plants late last year.

    The downtown beautification project is providing water conservation education to visitors to the downtown area. The drought-tolerant plants require less water than other types of plants and by fall 2011, the planters will be irrigated with recycled water only.

    The Oxnard Downtown Management District has created an "Adopt-A-Planter" program where, for $120 a year, residents and businesses can "adopt" a downtown planter. Sponsor plaques, with a personalized message/dedication, will be placed on planters. Sponsors will also be recognized through the downtownoxnard.org website.

    For more information about the adoption program, go to Adopt-A-Planter, http://bit.ly/dEdHPr.

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    Anonymous Gary Blum said...

    Agromin, you guys are the best. Not only did you donate the soil you even helped us mix our own custom mix suited just for our plant material. Your company is awesome. Thank you so much!

    Gary Blum
    Downtown Oxnard Planter Project Program Coordinator
    Heritage Succulents,Oxnard,CA

    March 19, 2011 at 4:59 PM  

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