• Huntington Beach High Schoolers Are Serious about Sustainability
    Thursday, May 26, 2011 at
  • Take a 75 x 75 patch of land with weeds seven feet tall, one dedicated high school teacher with a passion for organic soil and sustainability and a classroom full of eager-to-learn high school students and you can see the results in full bloom at Huntington Beach High School.

    Teacher Greg Goran, a former Huntington Beach High School student himself, has been teaching social studies at the school since 2002. While his main area of expertise is U.S. History and AP World History, he has brought another one of his passions to the classroom: sustainable living.

    Greg and his class of 30 students cleared a patch of overgrown land, prepped the soil and planted an organic garden containing raised beds of companion plants. Agromin donated 10 cubic yards of mulch and 20 bags of vegetable planting mix to give the garden a healthy start. The garden contains varieties of tomatoes, corn, squash, beans, artichokes, onions, cabbage and peas. One area of the plot is filled entirely with California native plants.

    Over spring break, Greg built a greenhouse where he hopes to produce hydroponic plants one day. He and his class are in initial stages of building a vermiculture (worm composting) area. One of his students is even raising praying mantises from eggs to release into the garden for organic pest control. Plans call for "green walls" (vertical gardens) on two sides of the garden.

    Greg’s class does more than organic gardening. It is also responsible for recycling efforts for the entire Huntington Beach High campus. It collects an average 350 to 400 pounds of California Redemption Value (CRV) recyclables and 5,000 to 6,000 pounds of comingled recycling each month from the campus.

    “The students’ eyes have really been opened to a number of issues facing the planet as well as ourselves on a very local level,” notes Greg. Congratulations to Greg, his sustainability class students and Garden Club for their achievements at Huntington Beach High. Agromin is glad to help!

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  • Congrats to Houweling's--Awarded Oxnard Chamber's Innovative Business of the Year Award
    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at
  • Houweling Nurseries in Camarillo was awarded Innovative Business of the Year. Houweling's 124 acres produces hydroponically-grown, handpicked "tomatoes on the vine," beefsteak tomatoes, other specialty tomato varieties, as well as seedless cucumbers. Growing its produce in greenhouses enables it to grow year-round while decreasing water usage and nutrients needed. Houweling's also generates 15,000 tons of organic matter each year, which is given to Agromin to turn into compost--a great example of closing the recycling loop. The company has been a leader in sustainable agriculture since it was founded in 1974.

    Houweling's and other award recipients will be recognized at a luncheon on Friday, June 17 at 11:30 AM at the Courtyard by Marriott.

    Read more:

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  • Buena Park Ag Students Show Off Farm
    Monday, May 23, 2011 at
  • Buena Park is home to amusement parks, wax museums and theaters--and a 4.5 acre full-fledged farm at Buena Park High School. In the heart of Orange County, you will find field crops, pens for 400 farm animals ranging from chickens to beef cattle, 200 fruit and stone fruit trees and a student-run farm store.

    Last Saturday’s “Spring Festival” at the Buena Park High farm site highlighted the ag program and featured activities such as seed planting, butter making and goat milking. On display were pens with pigs, goats, and lambs and a beautiful Angus steer. Ag students carried around a small box of baby chicks for visitors to see and pet.

    The festival served as a fundraiser to help pay to raise animals at the school farm. The costs are high. A single turkey costs $100 in feed, medicine and insurance each school year. The cost is $300 for a goat and $3,000 for a single steer.

    Nancy Jauregui, a senior and Future Farmers of America (FFA) officer says, “people think their food comes from boxes and bags. People need to know where their food comes from so they can eat healthy."

    Agromin is the proud corporate sponsor of the Buena Park High FFA ag program and provides seeds and organic soils and mulches for the farm and greenhouse. Agromin is also a partner with the school in planning and developing a second plot of land at the school that will eventually include more crops and a large pumpkin patch for a fall fundraiser event.

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  • 11 Agromin-Sponsored Schools & Non-Profits Are TrashArtist Finalists
  • Discarded plastic bottles and cans, cardboard, newspaper, straws – normally trash, are now works of art!

    Agromin sponsored a number of Orange County schools and non-profit clubs in the 2011"TrashArtist Challenge" hosted by the Orange County Council of Green Impacts and the MUZEO Museum of Anaheim. Eleven Agromin-sponsored schools and organizations are currently finalists in the challenge with winners announced at the Green Sustainability Expo June 8.

    The competition required participants to create artwork from trash while communicating a sustainability message. Finalists sponsored by Agromin are:

    "Tran Goghs Green" - St. Callistus Catholic School

    "Windows of the World" - Moiola Elementary School

    "Statue of Liberty" - Tamura Elementary School

    "Born this Way! - Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove at Heritage Elementary
    "Lions" - Lexington Junior High School
    "Delila" - Cox Elementary School
    "End of the Amazon" - Fountain Valley High School
    "Recycled Alice in Wonderland" - Rancho Alamitos High School
    "Panther Conservation Club" - Robert M. Pyles Elementary School

    "Team Future" - Los Alamitos Youth Center

    "Spread the Love Ninjas" - Oak Middle School

    Projects ranged from a State of Liberty made from cardboard and recycled plastic bottles of all shapes and varieties to “Alice in Wonderland” costumes made of trash pieces of yarn, upholstery, balloons and foil.

    All finalists can be viewed at: http://www.trashartist.com/. Vote for your favorite "People’s Choice" selection.

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  • Agromin at the National Hardware Show/Las Vegas
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at

  • Agromin was an exhibitor at the National Hardware Show May 10-12 in Las Vegas. It was our first time at a national show of this size. While there, we introduced our 5-quart bag of potting mix to the world. There were over 2,300 vendors who participated in the show. We think our newly-designed booth and corporate look plus our great product line made us stand out.