• 11 Agromin-Sponsored Schools & Non-Profits Are TrashArtist Finalists
    Monday, May 23, 2011 at
  • Discarded plastic bottles and cans, cardboard, newspaper, straws – normally trash, are now works of art!

    Agromin sponsored a number of Orange County schools and non-profit clubs in the 2011"TrashArtist Challenge" hosted by the Orange County Council of Green Impacts and the MUZEO Museum of Anaheim. Eleven Agromin-sponsored schools and organizations are currently finalists in the challenge with winners announced at the Green Sustainability Expo June 8.

    The competition required participants to create artwork from trash while communicating a sustainability message. Finalists sponsored by Agromin are:

    "Tran Goghs Green" - St. Callistus Catholic School

    "Windows of the World" - Moiola Elementary School

    "Statue of Liberty" - Tamura Elementary School

    "Born this Way! - Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove at Heritage Elementary
    "Lions" - Lexington Junior High School
    "Delila" - Cox Elementary School
    "End of the Amazon" - Fountain Valley High School
    "Recycled Alice in Wonderland" - Rancho Alamitos High School
    "Panther Conservation Club" - Robert M. Pyles Elementary School

    "Team Future" - Los Alamitos Youth Center

    "Spread the Love Ninjas" - Oak Middle School

    Projects ranged from a State of Liberty made from cardboard and recycled plastic bottles of all shapes and varieties to “Alice in Wonderland” costumes made of trash pieces of yarn, upholstery, balloons and foil.

    All finalists can be viewed at: http://www.trashartist.com/. Vote for your favorite "People’s Choice" selection.

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