• Rancho Alamitos High School Leads "People’s Choice" in Orange County TrashArt Challenge
    Monday, June 6, 2011 at
  • Karen Doles is a perfect blend of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for the art students she teaches at Rancho Alamitos High in Garden Grove. Agromin proudly sponsored "Rancho”" in the 2011 OCCGI TrashArtist challenge.

    Mrs. Doles explained the art challenge to her Crafts 2 class and they immediately started the process of intense planning, strategizing and transforming collected recycled items and trash into an extraordinary set of panels representing "Recycled Alice in Wonderland."

    The class divided into seven teams and each took a character or characters from the "Alice in Wonderland" story and created 3-D displays made from discarded materials: a metal trash can, plastic doll parts, old shoes, upholstery, cans, bottles, and discarded paper and plastic products.

    "Even the boards the art was created on were recycled lumber," said Doles. "The students collected trash and recycled items from their families, students and the school. They wanted to make sure the characters were 100% recyclables or trash items and that they had dimension."

    The students succeeded: the universal response to their panels was to reach out and touch each board., along with comments such as "oh look, that’s a part of a tennis shoe," and "are those doll legs?" The boards were put on display in the school’s office for a week. Doles also set up an exhibit in the office’s foyer about the project: the steps outlining the process of creating each board as well as samples of the materials her students used.

    Their creation is currently on display at the MUZEO museum in Anaheim and is a finalist OCCGI TrashArt Expo to be held June 8.

    Congratulations to Rancho Alamitos High on a great job!

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