• Limoneira Ranch's Summer Tour Makes Stop at Agromin
    Friday, July 8, 2011 at
  • Just in time for summer, Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula is offering discounted individual and group rates for tours of the 118-year-old avocado and lemon ranch. Part of its Ranch and Sustainability Tour includes a stop at Agromin's 10-acre organic materials processing site on ranch property.

    The Ranch and Sustainability Tour is perfect for anyone who wants to learn what growers are doing today to produce tastier, fresher and healthier crops while keeping costs down for consumers.

    Visitors view avocado and lemon orchards and learn about the intricacies of producing avocados and lemons as well as colorful stretches of row crops – strawberries, celery, cilantro, cabbage and beets. The tour shows guests what modern farmers are doing to become more sustainable including: a 5.5-acre "solar orchard" (with 6,400 photovoltaic solar panels). Weeds are kept in check naturally around the panels by English miniature sheep.

    At the Agromin stop, visitors see how grass clippings, tree trimmings and leaves are naturally composted. Microorganisms turn the materials into mulch that is then distributed in the orchards, reducing water use by one-third and keeping weeds down.
    A final stop is the Visitors Center, which provides a photographic history of farm life at the turn of the century. Agromin has a display here too.
    Each guest on the tour receives a gift of lemons and avocados. Beverages are provided. Check out the Packinghouse Tour too.

    For more information including group discounts, go to http://www.limoneira.com or call 805-525-5541.

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