• Four Tons of Agromin Organic Soil Creates Wonderful Garden at Girls Hope Home
    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at
  • Agromin recently donated four tons of organic soil to the Girls Hope home in Fullerton, Calif. The residents of the Girls Hope home have planted vegetables, herbs, citrus and other fruit in the soil and are expecting a bountiful harvest.
    Community volunteers are giving their time and energy to create a backyard area for the girls’ home that includes a gazebo, garden areas and planters using Agromin soil, a large grass plot and a reading garden. Agromin will be providing organic soil for the new grassy areas as well.

    Boys Hope Girls Hope was founded in 1977 by Father Paul Sheridan. There are 15 homes around the country. They offer stable family lifestyles to children who are high performing but are at risk due to unstable or broken homes or obstacles such as unsafe neighborhoods. Children live in warm and friendly homes staffed by committed house parents who provide crucial parenting. The children perform household chores together, attend school and participate in community service projects. In addition, tutors also live in the homes during the school year. The homes set high standards and expectations for the children but also provide all the tools and resources necessary to allow each child to reach their highest potential.

    A garden is a wonderful teaching tool and an opportunity for kids to learn about responsibility and the rewards that come with hard work. Agromin is proud to help the Southern California Boys Hope Girls Hope.

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