• Lee Elementary Second Graders Get Ready For Winter Gardening
    Monday, October 17, 2011 at
  • Mrs. Haygood's second grade class get their garden ready!

    Students from two second grade classes at Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos spent a recent morning pulling out old plants and weeds and even harvesting enormous zucchini as they prepared to plant a garden of winter vegetables. The kids added bags of donated Agromin vegetable soil mix to their garden boxes.

    The students, in Mrs. Keeler and Mrs. Haygood's classes, grabbed shovels, hoes and hand cultivators to remove weeds and old plants that had grown over the summer.

    Mrs. Keeler is known as "Mother Earth" at Lee Elementary School. An avid organic gardener who loves teaching her students the importance of healthy soil, she helps her students make a connection between what is in our soil and what is in our plants and produce. "It's so important for these kids to learn as early as possible that the healthiness of what they are eating completely depends on how healthy the soil is that the plants grow in," she says. 

    The students love working in the dirt (even when the find various shapes and sizes of bugs and "critters"). Each got a bag of soil mix to open and work into their plot. "They love putting their hands into the new soil we get from Agromin--it feels and smells so fresh and good," says Mrs. Keeler.

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