• Los Alamitos Youth Center Receives Agromin Mulch Donation
    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at
  • The Los Alamitos Youth Center received a donation of mulch from Agromin for its signature "circle" tree area. For over 59 years, the Youth Center has been an integral part of the Los Alamitos community by providing programs and resources to thousands of young people. It is a stand-alone non-profit organization that currently serves almost 300 local youth.

    Agromin continues to be a partner with the Youth Center, recently donating 30 pumpkins to their Haunted House event and providing premium organic soils and mulches for their planter and other outdoor areas.

    Shown in the pictures is part of the latest mulch donation. The palm trees were planted in donated Agromin soil. "I bought the plants for 99 cents a little less than a year ago and look at them now," says Lina Lumme, the youth center's executive director.

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