• Second Graders at Lee Elementary School Get Their Winter Garden Ready
    Sunday, November 20, 2011 at

  • After working hard pulling old plants, weeds, and working Agromin soil into their garden beds, Renee Keeler's 2nd grade class at Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos, spent Wednesday afternoon planting snap peas, carrots, beets, and sweet peas.  The garden beds are tended by the second graders during their science class time and are a hit with the entire school - especially when the blooms draw butterflies to the gardens.  There is also a "green wall" area which will provide shade as well as a fence area that is more esthetic than wood. 

    The students will water, weed and harvest their crops during the year, and will also be scientists and farmers in the process: charting water usage, weeding, measuring growth, etc.  All the soil Agromin donates to the school is 100% organic. Mrs. Keeler and her students are committed to not using fertilizers or pesticides that contain non-organic compounds or chemicals.

    Pictures to come!

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