• Despite The Cold, Lee Elementary School Garden is Growing
    Monday, December 19, 2011 at

  • Despite the cold, pea and radish seeds have germinated in the garden at Lee's Elementary School in Los Alamitos! All the seeds were planted in donated Agromin premium garden soils.
    Teacher Renee Keeler and her students carefully dug one pea seed out and put it under the document camera to observe how the root was so much longer than the tiny sprout above. They also made notes that the broccoli plants had a bit of frost damage, but were still alive--which made the students truly happy. (They have become quite protective about their seedlings!)

    Lee's garden beds get very little sun during the winter, so students are thankful that winter crops grow, despite the lack of sunshine. By the time the students return in January from winter break, their carrots will also have germinated and be on their way for a successful late spring harvest. 

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