• Recycle Those Christmas Trees!
    Thursday, December 29, 2011 at

  • Christmas trees throughout Ventura County and parts of Los Angeles County and Orange County will soon be collected at curbside and sent to Agromin. The trees are cleaned of tinsel and ornaments, chopped and will eventually find their way to local farms and into consumer products in the form of mulch. In as little as 60 days, trees go from being the center of holiday festivities to mulch used on farmland and in backyard gardens. Everything is recycled. This process closes the "recycling loop" and keeps the trees out of landfills.

    You can do your part to make the recycling process easier:

    --remove all ornaments, tinsel, nails and the tree stand
    --cut the tree in half and put it in your green recycling container at curbside within two weeks after Christmas--or take the tree to your local green recycling center. Contact your local waste hauler for any specific instructions or options
    --flocked trees cannot be recycled

    New this year: Agromin is partnering with Noble Mountain, which supplied Christmas trees to 32 Home Depots in Southern California. Agromin will collect unsold Christmas trees from the stores and make them into mulch. Also new this year, some trees will be delivered to Mt. Poso Co-Generation Plant in Bakersfield where they will be turned into biofuel to create electrical energy. This means more Christmas trees will be recycled than ever before--either for use as mulch or for electricity!

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