• Westminster High School Takes Delivery of Agromin Organic Soil
    Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at

  • Westminster HS FFA president Oke Iyeke and Agromin soil 

    Agromin has recently formed a partnership with Westminster High School's Agriculture/Future Farmers of America program. The program is under the direction of teacher Dave Eusantes. Agromin delivered 200 cubic yards of premium organic soil that will be worked into the existing soil in the orchard area of the school's eight-acre farm. The orchard grows avocados, citrus and some persimmons. Agromin will soon deliver top dressing mix for the same area to help stop weeds from returning, save water and prevent soil erosion.  
    Oke and ag teacher Dave Eusantes  

    In addition to its orchard, the school farm features an acre of pasture land, a two-acre plot used each year for a pumpkin patch and a half acre planting area for produce, vegetables and flowers. A former student built animal pens and a barn as an Eagle Scout project.
    Westminster High School has an amazing ag program. Agromin is honored to help!

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