• Santa Barbara City College's New Organic Vegetable Garden Gets Boost From Agromin
    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at
  • Santa Barbara City College's organic vegetable garden is ready for spring thanks, in part, to Agromin. Agromin donated eight tons of its OMRI-listed "Compost 100" to the garden.  

    Agromin's Compost 100 arrives.

    The college's horticulture department will use the garden to teach horticulture students about home gardens and home food production and teach culinary students about building farm-to-restaurant relationships. The produce will be donated to local food banks.

    Compost mixed with screened ground soil.
    Prior to the garden, the area was used for storage of landscaping debris and overrun with weeds. It was cleared by students and eight, 8'x4'  raised redwood beds were constructed. An additional four will be built soon.

    Vegetable seedlings are already sprouting in the college greenhouse including leeks, collards, beets, arugula, Swiss chard and broccoli and will be transplanted into the garden shortly. Flowers will also be part of the mix to attract beneficial insects.

    Seedlings growing to transplant into beds.
    Agromin's Compost 100 mixes perfectly with the school's all-organic garden theme. Since it is OMRI listed, it can be used in certified organic production as well as food processing and handling according to USDA Program rules. The soil amendment works great for gardens around the house since it contains no chemicals and is made from only clean and renewable plant materials.

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