• Brownie Girl Scout Troop Visits Agromin
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at

  • The Brownies are lined up and ready to start their tour.

    Brownie Girl Scout Troop 60356 from Camarillo recently paid a visit to Agromin's green materials recycling facility in Oxnard. The girls, ages six through nine, were learning about how they could help the environment and a trip to Agromin was a perfect teaching opportunity.

    Dave Green answers questions.

    Agromin's Dave Green took them on a 45-minute tour--showing the girls where the raw materials arrive, how they are ground and turned into compost and finally how the finished soil product is placed into bags and readied for shipment to stores. 

    Measuring the temperature of the compost.

    Brownie leader Heather Gout says the girls had an amazing time on their field trip and learned a lot. Hopefully, the visit will instill a lifelong desire to recycle and reuse and to keep our environment clean and safe.

    At the end of the tour, with bags of potting soil ready for shipping.

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