• Getting Ready For A Fall Garden at Lee Elementary School
    Thursday, July 26, 2012 at

  • Soon to be a flourishing garden at Lee Elementary School.

    While it currently looks more like a construction zone than an elementary schoolyard and garden area, by the time school starts in the fall, Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos will have new garden beds filled with Agromin premium organic soil. The school is in the middle of a modernization project that will make the garden better than ever! Each year, teacher Renee Keeler's second grade classroom is filled with highly enthusiastic young gardeners who love to work in the soil.

    Ms. Keeler says she can't wait to get the new beds in, filled with planting mix and ready for the students to start their "farm production" in September.

    Agromin has been a large supporter and donor to Lee Elementary School in the past and is looking forward to helping out again this fall.  The kids also get a lesson in sustainability since the planting mix is made from green materials collected from residents and landscapers, then cleaned, shopped and composted into rich, organic soil material.

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