• Westminster High School's FFA Program Turns 40
    Monday, August 27, 2012 at

  • Officers:  Vanessa Angeles, Christy Ly, Lexie Burdelas, Jose Varela, Oke Iyeke, Steven Velez and Vince Crisostomo.

    Not every high school student gets the chance to learn the skills and value of growing and harvesting crops. Horticulture just isn't in most high school curriculums. One of the lucky high schools that has a thriving ag program is Westminster High School.

    WHS FFA Pres. Oke Iyeke.
    In fact, Westminster High School's Future Farmers of America (FFA) program is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!  To mark the occasion, the FFA officers threw its very first Sponsorship Dinner on August 23.  The ag students gave dinner guests guided tour of the farm which included the orchard, the animal pens and the horticulture and shop areas.

    Members are extremely dedicated to the ag program--some ride the city bus more than 25 minutes each way, twice a day, to tend animals, fields and plants.

    Ag students/FFA members Susana Daz and 
    Jacob Johnson.
    Ag officer Vanessa Angeles did all of the cooking for the event and guests included School Board Member Kathleen Iverson and proud community sponsors Mary Beth and Rick Travis.  The Travises are avid gardeners themselves and have supported the Westminster FFA program for a number of years. Agromin is also a proud sponsor.

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  • Huntington Beach High School Remodels Garden
    Monday, August 13, 2012 at

  • The Huntington Beach High Garden Crew
    Teens at Huntington Beach High School get it--they know the value of completing the recycling loop--take from the earth, but always remember to put back what you take through organic recycling and composting.

    The school has a fantastic garden that students are maintaining over the summer under the guidance of garden and agriculture science teacher Greg Goran. The students are in the process of remodeling and cleaning up the garden space. Agromin was happy to donate 10 cubic yards of walk-on bark to finish off the "walking around" areas.

    Just think if everyone had the same recycling focus as these kids!

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