• Bill Camarillo: One of 8 Panelist at 42nd Annual VCEDA Business Outlook Conference
    Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at

  • Agromin CEO Bill Camarillo was a member of an eight-person panel at the November 7 Business Outlook Conference (BOC) presented by the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA). In its 42nd year, this morning's BOC drew over 150 attendees. This year's topic was "Business and Education: A Partnership for the Future." 

    The panel was a mix of business and education leaders in Ventura County. The panel discussion highlighted the best ways to work together to improve academic outcomes and produce a workforce that meets the needs of Ventura County businesses today and tomorrow.

    The panelist agreed that business and education must work in a spirit of collaboration so educational institutions know the type of worker skills needed in order for businesses to stay competitive. Bill noted that workers need life skills as well work skills--confidence, endurance and competitiveness with the ability to learn from failure.
    The panel discussion was videotaped and will soon be posted on the VCEDA website (http://www.vceda.org). It's a valuable information resource for businesses seeking ways to improve their competitive advantage through worker education options. 

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