• Agromin Donates Mulch to Oak View Elementary School
    Friday, March 1, 2013 at

  • On Saturday morning, February 23, Oak View residents as well as volunteers from several major corporations came together to show that the spirit of doing is alive and well in Huntington Beach. Approximately 400 team members arrived from 16 major companies to help residents fix up parts of their Oak View neighborhood. As each bus arrived, parents, and students from Oak View Elementary School cheered them on.

    Agromin donated 40 cubic yards of ES2 mulch to finish the planting of beautiful new trees by the Huntington Beach Tree Society at the elementary school.

    Organizing the volunteers and donations was Oak View Renewal Partnership, a community organization dedicated to providing needed services to residents of the 1 square mile low-income community. Beautifying the area is also a big part of its efforts. For more information, go to Oak View Renewal Partnership's website http://oak-view.org/live/.

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