• Lee Elementary School's 2nd Grade Garden Grows
    Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at

  • We recently visited Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos to see how its garden and landscaping were coming along. A few months ago, parents and staff rebuilt the school garden as part of a modernization project of the school and began sprucing up the school's landscaping.

    What a difference! Renee Keeler's 2nd  graders planted a wonderful garden with all kinds of vegetables and flowers. They planted everything you can think of: lettuce, carrots, kale, radishes, sunflowers, corn, tomatoes all kinds of peppers, cucumbers and even marigolds and other "natural" pest control flowers. Pumpkins will go in next month!
    Drought-tolerant landscaping is also filling out nicely.

    Agromin is always happy to help schools create their gardens by providing organic garden soil. Gardens are great teaching tools. Students learn about the growth cycle of food, conservation as well as responsibility and the value of hard work

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