• Beautiful Garden Takes Shape At Santa Barbara Middle School
    Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at

  • After a delivery of 5 yards of Agromin's Premium Blend, kids and parents at Santa Barbara Middle School went to work planting lettuce, kale, bulb fennel and Italian parsley in brand new 2' x 8' raised redwood beds. The lettuce and kale plants have already shot up after our recent rains. 


    Next on the agenda are tomatoes and other warm season crops. Once harvested, the vegetables will be used in the school lunch deli, sold at their weekly farmer's market and donated to the local food bank. Any scraps or food waste will benefit the inhabitants of the school's worm bin, making great compost to keep the soil fertile.

    The school is teaching students how to garden and the value of creating their own food--skills we know will last a lifetime!

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