• Agromin and Patagonia--Sustainability Partners Since 2014
    Friday, January 13, 2017 at

  • Patagonia is known for making the best outdoor products while still being socially and environmentally responsible. In 2014, it turned to Agromin to solve a problem--what to do with hangers made of bamboo that were no longer usable in their stores.

    Instead of being discarded into landfills, the hangers are collected nationwide and repurposed by Agromin into compost and mulch. Agromin also processes the green waste generated from Patagonia's headquarters and store in Ventura.

    Since 2014, nearly 3 tons of hangers have been recycled. In 2016 alone, 2,851 pounds of hangers were diverted from landfills and transformed into compost and mulch and another 9 tons of green waste and nearly 11 tons of food waste from Patagonia became nutrient-rich soil amendments used by growers, landscapers and consumers. This is just another example of Patagonia's commitment to being a good steward of the land.

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