• California's Healthy Soil Initiative Launches in 2017
    Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at


    California's Healthy Soil Initiative, headed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), is all about promoting the development of healthy soils. The CDFA and an assortment of environmentally-focused state agencies and departments are launching efforts in 2017 that will further protect and enhance California's natural, organic materials. The result will be improved plant health and crop yields so the California's agricultural lands can continue to be the breadbasket of the country.

    The initiative will also take steps to curb activities that can cause climate change. California farms cover 25.5 million acres. In 2015, California's farm production was at $47 billion so much is at stake. Green waste recycling will play a key role.

    For more information on the Healthy Soils Initiative, click here.

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