• School Garden Teaches Costa Mesa High Schoolers Life-Long Skills
    Friday, March 3, 2017 at

  • School gardens teach students where their food comes from, but they are also a great way to introduce young people to careers in the sustainability and science-related industries.

    The Environmental and Marine Academy at Costa Mesa High School is an environmental-focused career-technical education program. Its purpose is to prepare students for life after high school with 21st century skills and experiences including resume-building, interviewing strategies, public speaking and project-based learning. Everything is taught through the lens of environmental and marine careers and issues, with a special focus on community engagement. 

    The students are responsible for the care and maintenance of the school's garden beds. Agromin donated 15 cubic yards of garden hummus to the school for its garden and planters.

    The donation of soil amendment supports the students' study of sustainable urban agriculture in the campus garden space.

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