• Enjoy the Holidays by Gardening in December!

  • The holidays are a busy time of the year, but for those who love to garden, there is still plenty to do in December.

    Harvest Your Fall Vegetable Crop: It's time to start harvesting vegetables from plants sowed in September and October. You can even add more vegetable plants before it gets too cold. They include artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and radishes. Note: expect them to grow slower than those vegetables planted in spring.

    Plant Bare-Root Fruit Trees: Now is the best time to plant bare-root fruit and nut trees such as apricots, apples, cherry, peaches, plums and walnut. You'll find an assortment at your local nursery. Soak the roots in a bucket of water for an hour before planting Dig a hole large enough to hold the roots. Spread out the roots to encourage growth. Thoroughly water. Cover with a layer of mulch. Keep your tree moist for the first several weeks (regular rainfall will be enough). Bare-root trees are often less expensive than potted trees because they come without the plastic container.

    Prune Deciduous Fruit Tree: Prune deciduous trees once they have dropped their leaves. Don't be afraid to give the tree a healthy trim as they will bounce back nicely in spring.

    Fill In Bare Spots in Your Lawn: Since southern California winters are mild, there is still time to seed bare spots in your lawn. If rain is sparse, you'll need to water regularly.

    Start A Mulch Pile: Rake up leaves and create a homemade mulch pile. Add leaves and grass clippings. Water the pile (if necessary). Turn once a week. You'll have compost by spring.

    Remove Dead Flowers and Branches: Gardens can look a bit ragged in winter. Keep them fresh by cutting away dead flowers, leaves and branches. Consider cutting back large trees including pines and oaks if limbs look weak or have become overgrown.

    Recycle Your Christmas Tree: Check with your city on how and when to recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays. Remove all decorations and lights. Most recyclers will accept flocked and unflocked trees.

    Extend the Life of Poinsettias: During the holidays, keep poinsettias in a cool indoor location—away from heating vents and fireplaces. Once spring arrives next year, cut the stems back. Put them outdoors in the shade during summer and then bring them back indoors in fall. To get the dark red leaves that poinsettias are known for, they'll need to spend half of the day in total darkness beginning in October. They'll start blooming—ready for next Christmas—by mid-November.

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  • Find the Perfect Christmas Tree at One of Big Wave Dave’s Five Christmas Tree Lots
    Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at

  • Looking for the perfect Christmas tree? One place to check out is Big Wave Dave's. Big Wave Dave's has five tree lot locations: two in Ventura, Moorpark (Underwood Farms), Santa Barbara and in Camarillo.

    Big Wave Dave's lots open through December 23 except at Underwood Farms in Moorpark where trees are available through December 17. Bring your family to Underwood Farms for tractor rides and an animal show. Santa Claus will visit the farm December 2, 3, 9 & 10 from 11am-4pm. All lot locations have plenty of hot chocolate, coffee and treats.

    The lots offer seven varieties of trees. Most popular are Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir and Nordman Fir. They range in size from tabletop to nearly 20' tall. The taller trees are often displayed in businesses and at shopping malls around the area. Flocked trees come in all sorts of colors, and since the flocking material is made of paper, flocked trees can be recycled.

    When trees arrive at Big Wave Dave's, the base of the trunks are immediately cut and the trees are displayed in water to keep them fresh. After they are sold, the trunks are cut again before leaving the lot.

    Don't forget that Christmas trees can be recycled into mulch. To get the process going, simply remove ornaments and lights, cut the limbs and place them in your green recycling container. They'll then be delivered to Agromin where we'll recycle about 100,000 trees after the holidays.

    Go here for tree care tips.

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