• Kids Learn The Science of Growing At El Centrito Family Learning Center
    Sunday, April 29, 2018 at

  • Students at the STEAM Academy at the El Centrito Family Learning Center were excited about getting their hands dirty by planting packets of Don Diego, Marigold, Morning Glory, Chives, Zinnia and Alyssa seeds. Students will be responsible for maintaining the seeds and cleaning the area around the entire garden.

    Part of the garden is actually a science experiment. Before they started planting, the students learned about the necessary properties to make plants grow: sunlight, water, soil and air. The students then planted five of the same type of seed--four of them are being deprived of one of the properties needed to grow while the fifth seed has all the necessary components. They'll now monitor the progress of each seed.


    Agromin is happy that our soil amendment and mulch are part of the center's garden!

    The El Centrito Family Learning Center STEAM Academy offers hands-on learning opportunities that build skills in core subjects and strengthen students' confidence as learners. STEAM anchors activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 

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